Murder Mystery Dinner Show

“In April 2018, closed down our touring road show.  We had a successful 19-year-run in hundreds of cities across the United States and we received many tons of positive reviews, testimonial letters from top Corporations and we received entertainment awards. But after performing for over 50 years as a drummer, singer, actor, playwright, director, talent agent and producer – my weary bones earned a calmer retirement while living in the rolling green hills of Statesville, North Carolina.”


I am offering my murder mystery scripts for sale to a limited number of theatrical producers. Unlike the amateur mystery play scripts on the internet, I’m not interested in selling scripts to anyone who has a credit card. I am too proud of our script quality to want to squander it on inexperienced or drunk party guests. If you preview this website, you will learn much more about the quality type of entertainment our shows were known for, and experienced actors will be thrilled to perform our fun, audience interactive shows!
– Scott Ebright , April 10, 2018

Scott Ellison Ebright is currently immersed in a book writing project based upon one of his most popular and publicly acclaimed mystery plays, “The Witherspoon Millions”. For  19 years, Scott produced live shows for Silicon Valley Corporate events with a gifted ensemble of great actors from the Movie and TV industry. “How many book authors have the advantage of seeing hundreds of their story variations played out in front of LIVE audiences?” he asks. “I now know what audiences like the most.”  It’s as if all of the paid performances of his shows were a feasibility study to discover the most effective story lines and plot points to satisfy avid mystery book readers. 

Award-Winning Best Murder Mystery Show

Offering much higher quality shows than typical restaurant shows that sell seat reservations and tickets. Our Mobile Shows are performed exclusively for CORPORATIONS, PRIVATE ORGANIZATIONS,
FUND RAISERS, EVENT PLANNERS and personal parties
We DO NOT sell tickets or take reservations for dinners.


  • 5-Star YELP rating beats all competition!
  • Murder Mystery Parties for 12 – 125 guests
  • Professional Movie and TV Actors perform
  • Original plots, Authentic Police crime tools
  • Wireless mics, Music, Sound FX, PA used
  • Your Option: Use some of your own actors 

   Over 8,000 Events Booked!

Check out our company’s reputation. Read our Publicity articles, Referral Lettersor Former Clients list.

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Over the years, we’ve learned that TEXTING just isn’t accurate or thorough enough to give you  the facts you need to plan your Murder Mystery event. We will both benefit by a more effective form of communication: Human Conversation!

SF Award Collection 4 awards finalOur Murder Productions Company has won the “Hall of Fame” award for delivering the Best Murder Mystery Dinner Theater Show in California several years in a row. Click on awards photo [above] to read press releases and news articles.

The San Francisco Review Board awards trophies based upon several professional criteria. In the news release sent out to the press and the internet world-wide, the impartial review board states, “This company  enhances business through service to their customers and our community. These exceptional companies help make the San Francisco Bay Area as well as California a great place to live, work and play.” Other award recipients: Intuit Corp., Edward Jones, Best Buy, Trump Palace, Microsoft Store, INC. Magazine, Dollar Rent-A-Car, Merrill Lynch, American Red Cross, and Dyson Corp

We are proud of our long established reputation for producing the best Murder Mystery Shows in the United States. This is supported by 1) the awards we have won, 2) hundreds of referral letters and testimonials we have been sent from past clients, 3) positive newspaper reviews, and 4) YELP reviews.

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A Higher-Caliber Murder Mystery Show  

The majority of our clients are Corporations from the Silicon Valley with company locations all over the world. Silicon Valley companies and Fortune 500 firms demand an optimum performance from vendors they hire. We are proud to always meet or exceed their expectations.  We entertain multi-cultural audiences from many countries: India, Pakistan, Japan, Korea, China, the Philippines, Australia, Europe, South America, Central America, and Russia.

Our shows are a delicate interchange of both humorous and serious forensics moments. Proof of our success formula can be easily measured by bouts of uproarious laughter during our plays. Our corporate guests range from top management of CEO’s and on down through the ranks to all departmental levels of administration, marketing, sales, engineering, programmers, training, and human resources departments. Gold Stars Small

Best Scripts – Best Actors – Most Shows Performed 

We are one of a very few talent agencies that can boast a perfect track record of highly rated productions that all started back in 1971!  Over the decades, our entertainment agency morphed from booking headliners and famous recording acts into a singular form of entertainment: murder mystery dinner shows. For the past 20 years, our scripts contain the secret formula that we are famous for in winning over audiences. Intelligent, refreshing and original plots, clever humor, and plausible forensics all go into the mix that makes us stand out from all competitors.

Actors who perform in our shows are established television and film professionals. Contrast this to the genre’ of theater actors who do local stage productions or mystery dinners as a part-time hobby. This is the difference between amateur actors and our career dedicated film and TV actors.   

Corporate Clients

Cast Photo taken after show at Harvey's Casino - Lake Tahoe, NV

Cast Photo taken after show at Harvey’s Casino – Lake Tahoe, NV













We Cast PROFESSIONAL Actors – NOT part-time theater actors!

All our actors are TRUE professionals from the MOVIE and TELEVISION industry. Compare this caliber of talent to the part-time hobbyists that all other murder mystery companies use from local schools and theater groups. But, competitors use the descriptive phrase “Professional Actors” because their actors are paid $30 – $50 per dinner show. REAL professional actors are fulltime career professionals earning a living by acting in movies,  television and independent films.

Managers of Restaurants, hotels, and dinner trains that sell tickets for mystery dinner shows ARE NOT creative theatrical producers. They are trained FOOD purveyors and servers!

All across the internet, you can find negative murder dinner reviews. Frequent complaints are corny scripts, bad actors and cheesy shows! Hospitality food managers should not be attempting to fake murder mystery plays just to make a few extra bucks. Unwittingly, customers NEVER REALIZE THIS FACT when buying tickets to attend a public mystery dinner. If you buy an $80 mystery dinner ticket, you will witness an amateur production over 95% of the time (based upon national surveys).

Check at least three (3) resources to verify the quality of a play:

  1. Look for ACTUAL referral letters from clients posted on the murder company’s website. Don’t be hood-winked by short client “quotes” that don’t offer a link to the ORIGINAL quote or referral letter! Honest customer reviews and thank you letters should always show the contact info of the origin of the letter (their email addresses and phone numbers).
  2. Does the Murder Mystery show have positive press reviews and newspaper articles that report the quality of the show? Published articles in the print media confirm reliability and longevity.
  3. YELP and other reviewer oriented websites may contain some truth, some fiction. Due to inside politics and advertising sales, ‘Critic Reviewed’ web comments are not always genuine.

See all 200 client thank you letters under the “REFERRALS
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Enthusiastic responses from our clients…

“You guys did a fantastic job with our group!”
Marilyn Merydith, Intel

We loved having you and I appreciate all of the hard work you put into making our event a success! Out of any vendor I’ve ever worked with (both professionally and personally) you were always so responsive and quick to answer any questions/concerns that I had. Our guests loved the show and I’ll be sure to refer you to anyone else looking for an interesting way to spice up their event. Thank you, Andrea
(Corporate Dinner Event – San Francisco)

“Thank you for being a part of our [television] show. You guys were a great addition!”
KPIX Television, CBS Network, San Francisco

“The actors are top notch since they regularly appear in movies and TV shows. They mingled well with our guests, and they were definitely the hit of the party! The play and script was surprisingly believeable and realistic. It wasn’t way over the top or too cheesy. It was funny at the right points, but then serious at other points which made the drama so intriguing.”
Dennis Yardley, Yelp Review (San Francisco)

“Our team had a lot of fun…the meeting was incredibly effective because of the murder mystery dinner play.” Cheryll O’Mara, Intel Corp.

“Detective Schlitt — looked and acted the part with a commanding stage presence. He has a booming voice and is able to keep everyone riveted in full attention. Note to hecklers or people who are talking at their tables— you will be sorry! Detective Schlitt is merciless and funny. ”
Matt Cohen, Auburn, CA (Guest at public show in Loomis, CA)

finger pointing rightSee all 200 client thank you letters under the “REFERRALS
tab button on the grey toolbar at the top of this page.

A GOOD Murder Mystery Show isn’t cheap.
A CHEAP Murder Mystery Show isn’t good.

Is your event worth risking negative audience reactions? Think for a moment about how many years your co-workers, family or friends will remember a dumb and cheesy mystery show.

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