Murder Mystery Dinner Shows


Dateline: March 23, 2017

I’m Scott Ebright, the owner of Ebright Entertainment Enterprises. Regrettably,  I hereby announce my retirement from 53 years as a performer, producer and talent agent. The final curtain dropped when I faced the facts that cartilage in my joints and spine was dissolving away from a degenerative condition called spinal stenosis.

No longer could I comfortably walk in big cities or airports, nor was I able to endure cramped airplane seats for several hours at a stretch. So, I have stopped performing. I enjoyed an exciting and fun-filled life that I never could have dreamed of since my first puppet and magic shows at 10 years old. Throughout my entire career, I have been truly Blessed by God to be hired as an entertainment personality, and I have loved performing along with hundreds of other bands, musicians, singers, actors, and famous celebrities  around the world!  

Best regards,
Scott Ebright

During the past 50 years, Ebright Entertainment Enterprises (E3) was a full-service talent agency for musicians, singers and actors. Spear-heading the brand new concept of Corporate Events during the mid 1970’s, E3 operated mainly out of San Francisco, as well as various time periods in Florida, Arizona, North Carolina and Michigan. The Ebright agency was one of the very first companies to produce unique show bands that gave birth to a brand new genre’ called “Tribute Shows”. Two of the more famous show bands were ALAN: A Tribute to Elvis and RAIN: a Tribute to the Beatles.

Popularity of Rock and Roll Show bands 

Ebright also booked nostalgic rock and roll bands gained popularity due to their carefully choreographed and costumed shows. These popular show bands boasted a line up of musicians who revived the classic 50’s look of “performing steps” while playing their instruments and singing at the same time. Add to that, production elements from the theater industry such as motion oriented light shows and multimedia screens featuring slides and film clips. Baby Boomer audiences flocked to these highly promoted public shows at large entertainment venues in many major cities. This new trend of show bands was soon copied by many other agencies and bands across the world. By the 1980’s dazzling show bands became the usual entertainment fare for 5 star hotels, resorts, casinos and big city clubs.

From 2003 until 2017, Ebright Entertainment Enterprises moved away from live music. The new Millennial generation had replaced the Boomer generation with specific tastes of their own as evidenced by the type of corporate events booked in the Silicon Valley. And filled this demand hundreds upon hundreds of private corporate dinners. Bookings soared to a break neck pace of 120 individual dinner events all across the U.S. 

When asked why his particular acting troupe was so popular and getting paid a whole lot more than all other dinner theater shows in the U.S., Scott said matter-of-factly: “We were the highest caliber murder mystery show in the country. I only contracted professional TV and Movie actors for our shows. And another factor was that Casinos, Hotels and Restaurants were all trying to cash in on the mystery dinner demand, but they missed several key points that assured blase’ and apathetic responses from audiences and critics. For instance, Scott knew instantly to avoid using amateur volunteer actors or low pay actors from local, small community theaters. College kids and adults moonlighting from their regular day jobs only produce amateur results. Ebright often says, “For my shows, I always maintained a consistent formula:

“First, I always delivered a good quality play with intelligent forensics, entertaining scripts, and intelligent and refreshing humor that appeals a wide diversity of audiences in the 30 to 75 age range. And second, I hired only the best professional, career actors I could find from the Movie and TV industries!” 

One of our performing venues: Banquet Room at  “Bellevue Club” – Oakland, CA











Mystery dinner show at private mansion dinner event for Apple Corporation

















Over 8,500 Events Booked!


  • Murder Mystery Parties for 15 – 250 guests
  • Professional Movie and TV Actors perform
  • Original plots, Authentic Police crime tools
  • Wireless mics, Music, Sound FX, PA 
  • G-Rated Shows for audience aged 18-95



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Brief Synopsis of our Brand of Shows

We are one of a very few talent agencies that can boast a perfect track record of highly rated productions that all started back in 1971! Over the decades, our entertainment agency progressed from booking music headliners and famous recording acts until 2000 when we focused all our talents and energies into producing  Mystery shows exclusively. And during the past 20 years, our scripts have won over audiences with intelligent, refreshing and original plots, clever humor, and plausible forensics.

Celebrity actors who perform in our shows are established television and film professionals. 99.9% of all the murder mystery dinner shows selling tickets in the U.S. are comprised of local community theater actors and other amateur volunteers who perform as a fun hobby. There is a stark quality difference between typical restaurant shows that sell tickets and the caliber of shows performed by FULL-TIME film and TV actors from Ebright Entertainment Enterprises.

Award-Winning Best Murder Mystery Show

SF Award Collection 4 awards finalEbright Entertainment Enterprises (E3) is the mother company for  Our show and scripts received various awards over the past several years. Many industry leaders believe California is the entertainment capital of talent in the United States, and we are proud to be considered the “BEST” in California!  (Click on awards photo [above] to read press releases and news articles.)

The San Francisco Review Board awards trophies based upon several professional criteria. In the news release sent out to the press and the internet world-wide, the impartial review board states:

“This company  enhances business through service to their customers and our community. These exceptional companies help make the San Francisco Bay Area as well as California a great place to live, work and play.” Other award recipients in the business categories: Intuit Corp., Edward Jones, Best Buy, Trump Palace, Microsoft Store, INC. Magazine, Dollar Rent-A-Car, Merrill Lynch, American Red Cross, and Dyson Corp.