Murder Mystery Dinner Show

Murder Mystery Dinner Theater

Award-Winning Best Murder Mystery Show

Our mobile Murder Mystery Dinner Shows are cast with professional Movie and TV actors. We offer a higher caliber show than the usual mystery dinners selling tickets for restaurant and hotels.  Thousands of CORPORATIONS, PRIVATE ORGANIZATIONS and EVENT PLANNERS have booked our production over
the past 20 years. We never perform public shows that sell tickets.ScottHesDeadmedium


  • 5-Star YELP rating beats all competition!
  • Murder Mystery Parties for 12 – 125 guests
  • Professional Movie and TV Actors perform
  • Original plots, Authentic Police crime tools
  • Wireless mics, Music, Sound FX, PA used
  • Your Option: Use some of your own actors 

   Over 8,000 Events Booked!

Check out our company’s reputation. Read our Publicity articles, Referral Lettersor Former Clients list.

Telephone us for a friendly chat about your event details. TEXTING is not adequate enough to give you the right info you need to plan your Murder Mystery event. We will both benefit by more professional business communications: TALKING!

SF Award Collection 4 awards finalOur Murder Productions Company has won the “Hall of Fame” award for delivering the Best Murder Mystery Dinner Theater Show in California several years in a row. Click on awards photo [above] to read press releases and news articles.

The San Francisco Review Board awards trophies based upon several professional criteria. In the news release sent out to the press and the internet world-wide, the impartial review board states, “This company  enhances business through service to their customers and our community. These exceptional companies help make the San Francisco Bay Area as well as California a great place to live, work and play.” Other award recipients: Intuit Corp., Edward Jones, Best Buy, Trump Palace, Microsoft Store, INC. Magazine, Dollar Rent-A-Car, Merrill Lynch, American Red Cross, and Dyson Corp

We are proud of our long established reputation for producing the best Murder Mystery Shows in the United States. This is supported by 1) the awards we have won, 2) hundreds of referral letters and testimonials we have been sent from past clients, 3) positive newspaper reviews, and 4) YELP reviews.

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A Higher-Caliber Murder Mystery Show  

The majority of our clients are Corporations with personnel from all over the world. Audiences at our corporate shows are comprised of CEO’s, top management personnel and all departmental levels of administration, marketing, sales, training, and human resources. These Silicon Valley companies and Fortune 500 firms demand an optimum performance from vendors they hire, and on this level, we always meet and exceed their expectations.  Gold Stars SmallWe are one of a very few talent agencies that can boast a perfect track record of highly rated productions that all started back in 1971!  Over the decades, our entertainment agency morphed from booking headliners and famous recording acts to focusing down to a single medium of murder mystery plays and dinner shows for the past 20 years. The original scripts we have created contain the secret ingredient that is exactly what it takes to entertain and win over audiences with a intelligent plots, original and clever humor along with a good dose of plausible forensics evidence. Actors who perform in our shows are established television and film professionals, and not the usual local theater actors who perform in public mystery dinners as a side hobby. We are blessed and honored to have achieved a highly respected company among our peers in the movie, television, and events industries

Our Former Corporate Clients

Cast Photo taken after show at Harvey's Casino - Lake Tahoe, NV

Cast Photo taken after show at Harvey’s Casino – Lake Tahoe, NV

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Full-time, Professional Actors VS. Part-Time “Wanna-bees”

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All our actors are TRUE professionals – unlike the part-time hobbyists that all the other murder mystery companies use. Competitors claim to use “Professional Actors” because they their actors are paid to perform. But $30 – $50 per actor is not the quantifier for a true “professional”. REAL professionals earn their living fulltime by acting in movies,  television and independent films.

Restaurants that sell tickets to mystery dinners are run by managers that are food experts, NOT actors or directors. Their limited entertainment experience allows them to hire cheap, poor quality shows. Innocent ticket buyers are NOT AWARE of this fact when they expect to see a fun, exciting murder mystery show. This fact applies to ALL FOOD INDUSTRY MANAGERS at restaurants, dinner trains, boat trips, casinos and hotels.

FACT: If you buy an $80 mystery dinner ticket, you will witness an amateur production over 90% of the time (based upon national surveys).  Potential customers can educate themselves to avoid making an embarrassing mistake on behalf of their date, their family or their small group. They should check out YELP reviews, referral letters posted on the murder company’s website, or the press and newspaper reviews an acting troupe has earned over the years they have performed. But even YELP is not a guarantee of quality. Some of the ticketed restaurant shows invent fake names and reviews to post counterfeit “five star” reviews on websites like GroupON, Living Social or the Dinner Detective. If you find several bad YELP reviews mixed in with fewer strong, positive reviews, then this is a strong indicator of a company that is posting fake reviews! 

(Recently, our first, fake YELP review was posted on our company’s YELP page. It is currently being investigated because 1) our show never performs in public restaurants that sell tickets, 2) we have not performed in the San Francisco area for several months due to a recent knee surgery of the lead detective actor living in North Carolina for the past 8 months. This bogus reviewer didn’t no these facts when she (or he) posted the fake review.)

Our clients have written to us saying…

“You guys did a fantastic job with our group!” Marilyn Merydith, Intel

“Thank you for being a part of our [television] show. You guys were a great addition!” KPIX Television, CBS Network, San Francisco

“The actors are top notch since they regularly appear in movies and TV shows. They mingled well with our guests, and they were definitely the hit of the party! The play and script was surprisingly believeable and realistic. It wasn’t way over the top or too cheesy. It was funny at the right points, but then serious at other points which made the drama so intriguing.” Dennis Yardley, Yelp Review (San Francisco)

“Our team had a lot of fun…the meeting was incredibly effective because of the murder mystery play.” Cheryll O’Mara, Intel Corp.

“Detective Schlitt — looked and acted the part with a commanding stage presence. He has a booming voice and is able to keep everyone riveted in full attention. Note to hecklers or people who are talking at their tables— you will be sorry! Detective Schlitt is merciless and funny. ” Matt Cohen, Auburn, CA (Guest at public show in Loomis, CA)

finger pointing right200 referral letters posted under “REFERRALS tab button on top toolbar.

“A GOOD Murder Mystery Show ain’t cheap,

         A CHEAP Murder Mystery Show ain’t good.”

Is your event worth risking negative audience reactions? How will your co-workers and bosses
react to your entertainment choice?