Murder Mystery Dinner Shows

. . . . . . Update: March 7, 2019 . . . . . 


Owner, Scott Ebright has announced his retirement from a 50+ year entertainment career In the beginning of 2019. The curtain has closed on his live performances, HOWEVER, a fantastic new door of opportunity has opened: anyone interested in buying our award-winning scripts to perform and produce YOUR OWN MURDER MYSTERY DINNER PLAYS can now contact us through this website and buy scripts for your own use. (More details further down this page). 

Our company never performed public murder mystery shows in restaurants where tickets were sold to the public. INSTEAD, we booked our shows exclusively for private events with corporations, organizations, and private parties. 

All public mystery dinners sell tickets for food
and actors. This limits
restaurant owners to hiring
only cheaper local actors using amateur scripts

The majority of our clients over the past 20 years were Corporations from all over the world. This included  200  Silicon Valley companies from the San Francisco Bay Area. Audiences we entertained were a wide diversity of cultures from America, India, Pakistan, Southeast Asia, China, Australia, Eastern and Western Europe, South America, Central America, and Russia. Corporate guests ranged from top management of CEO’s down through the ranks to all departmental levels of administration, marketing, sales, engineering, programmers, training, and human resource departments

One of our performing venues: Banquet Room at  “Bellevue Club” – Oakland, CA











Mystery dinner show at private mansion dinner event for Apple Corporation

















Over 8,500 Events Booked!


  • 5-Star YELP rating beats all competition!
  • Murder Mystery Parties for 15 – 250 guests
  • Professional Movie and TV Actors perform
  • Original plots, Authentic Police crime tools
  • Wireless mics, Music, Sound FX, PA 
  • G-Rated Shows for audience aged 18-95



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How to buy our award-winning scripts

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We are one of a very few talent agencies that can boast a perfect track record of highly rated productions that all started back in 1971! Over the decades, our entertainment agency progressed from booking music headliners and famous recording acts until 2000 when we focused all our talents and energies into producing  Mystery shows exclusively. And during the past 20 years, our scripts have won over audiences with intelligent, refreshing and original plots, clever humor, and plausible forensics.

Celebrity actors who perform in our shows are established television and film professionals. 99.9% of all the murder mystery dinner shows selling tickets in the U.S. are comprised of local community theater actors and other amateur volunteers who perform as a fun hobby. There is a stark quality difference between typical restaurant shows that sell tickets and the caliber of shows performed by FULL-TIME film and TV actors from Ebright Entertainment Enterprises.

Award-Winning Best Murder Mystery Show

SF Award Collection 4 awards finalEbright Entertainment Enterprises (E3) is the mother company for  Our show and scripts received various awards over the past several years. Many industry leaders believe California is the entertainment capital of talent in the United States, and we are proud to be considered the “BEST” in California!  (Click on awards photo [above] to read press releases and news articles.)

The San Francisco Review Board awards trophies based upon several professional criteria. In the news release sent out to the press and the internet world-wide, the impartial review board states:

“This company  enhances business through service to their customers and our community. These exceptional companies help make the San Francisco Bay Area as well as California a great place to live, work and play.” Other award recipients in the business categories: Intuit Corp., Edward Jones, Best Buy, Trump Palace, Microsoft Store, INC. Magazine, Dollar Rent-A-Car, Merrill Lynch, American Red Cross, and Dyson Corp.