Setting the Standard for Entertainment


  • Hundreds of “Thank You” Letters and Strong Client Referrals
  • Critically Acclaimed by the News Media and Fortune 500 Clients
  • Winner of  Entertainer & Talent Awards for Over Three decades
  • Awarded “Best Murder Mystery Dinner Theater” in California
  • 5 – Star YELP Rating Beats all other Competition
  • Recommended by 5-Star Resorts, Hotels and Talent Agencies

Established Entertainment Company – Since 1972

Owner, Scott Ebright managed rock and roll bands and played as a drummer and singer in many bands during the 1960’s and 1970’s. He launched revolutionary new concepts in live entertainment with his nostalgic concept of “music tributes” for oldies bands. Ebright’s association with Dick Clark (American Bandstand), made him an integral part of promotions for the Hollywood agency of ICA Talent. Together, they produced and managed ALAN: A Tribute to Elvis (who was the first ever Elvis impersonator to play Las Vegas at the Tropicana Hotel in 1977.)

Scott Ebright also invented AudioSynTrac – the concept of sing along to taped music tracks. But, you might know this better now as Karaoke. (That’s right, the Japanese DID NOT invent this! All they did was change AudioSynTrac to the name “karaoke”).  

By the 1990’s, Murder Mystery Dinner Theater shows came into demand – and especially by corporations looking for fun themes to entertain their employees and raise morale. Ebright Entertainment Enterprises kicked into gear when Scott wrote his own murder mystery play scripts and hired veteran movie and TV actors to perform roles in mystery dinner shows booked mostly by Silicon Valley companies in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Perseverance and integrity are the traits that built Ebright’s entertainment business. Continuing along the path of making clients happy during the past decades, a new division was formed in the direction of producing  Mystery Dinner Theater Shows and this has been the most recent chapter in a 49 year career of entertaining the public.

Murder Mystery Dinner Theater Shows

Many murder mystery companies have come and gone over the years, but the demand for Top Quality has never diminished. Our brand of murder mystery shows has won repeated awards yearly by using fresh and original scripts performed by actors from the movie and television industry. The vast number of murder mystery acting troupes across the world encompasses hundreds of thousands of amateur actors working free or for parking and gas money. And consequently, their shortcomings are evident. The general public labels these amateur shows as silly and cheesy. And these are the standard fare for mystery skits at public restaurants and hotels that sell tickets for a dinner and show. 

Participation in Law Enforcement Classes and Training Programs

Our company has a high degree of respect for the Law Enforcement agencies that protect our citizens. We go out of our way to add a stark realism to the presentation of our murder mystery dinner shows. By keeping informed and educated on Homicide Forensics and police procedures, we feel we are doing a better job of providing useful knowledge in the science of crime solving – in addition to theatrics and humorous entertainment.

Above LEFT: Alameda County Sheriff Ahern and presents Scott Ebright with Certificate for course completion of the Citizens' Academy. Above RIGHT: Alameda Deputies congratulate Ebright at graduation dinner and ceremony on January 30, 2013.

Above LEFT: Alameda County Sheriff Ahern and presents Scott Ebright with Certificate for course completion of the Citizens’ Academy. RIGHT: Alameda Deputies congratulate Ebright at graduation ceremony on January 30, 2013.

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