Owner, Scott E. Ebright

Transition from Music Career to Detective Role

Scott Ebright began performing when he was nine years old. He built his own string marionettes and hand puppets to perform plays. The thought never occurred to him to write a script or memorize any dialogue, so when he performed puppet shows, he just vamped impromptu dialogue between the puppet characters. Facing the public in this way was a contradiction since Scott had always been a shy introvert (and science nerd).  Charging admission to puppet shows encouraged him to be more personable.

As Scott matured, he developed an avid interest in the world of magic as a more appropriate hobby, AND one that could earn extra income. He took on the  moniker of  “The Great Svengali” as he immersed himself into this genre’ by reading all the library books he could find. The books written about the most famous magicians of all time were Harry Houdini, Blackstone and Howard Thurston. But overall, these were older books from the 1930’s and 1940’s too biographic rather than instructional tools on how to perform tricks. So with no other sources to draw from, he engineered his own magic illusions using homemade props. At the end of his magic phase, his favorite tricks were performing levitation illusions with small objects and eventually humans. Using his talents, Scott’s first TV appearance took place in 1960.

THE BEGINNING: 1963 –  Beatles Invade America! 

By the time the Beatles took over the world of pop music, Scott was consumed with one singular ambition: to form a rock  and roll band. At the age of 13, Scott became obsessed with drummers in rock and roll bands. With only a pair of drumsticks and a cheap practice pad, he taught himself to play Original Beatle's base drum logo 1963 drums like the styles of the Ventures, Sandy Nelson, Cozy Cole and Gene Krupa. At a painfully slow pace, he spent two years mustering enough coins together to buy a used, cheap drum set. He formed a band called “The Knightmen”, that never booked a paying gig, since all they knew how to play was 6 songs (like Louie, Louie or Wipe Out). When Scott was asked to join a more established band with older musicians, he jumped at the opportunity. Known as “The Ides of March”, this popular band played scores of PAYING engagements and won a major, WKNX’s Battle of the Bands contest which led to their first recording. This 45 RPM single got lots of radio air play around Michigan and the Midwest and it charted on a few Top 40 Radio Station  playlists. 

ScottGoldenGteCrop Sm

Scott on top of Fort Point in Marin County, overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge.      (San Francisco, 1976).

After moving to California in 1971, Scott played in several bands from Marin County and the San Francisco Bay Area. This was the peak of the Golden Era of West Coast recording artists like Van Morrison, the Jefferson Airplane, Elvin Bishop, CCR, Janis Joplin, Santana, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Boz Scaggs, Steve Miller Band, Journey and many more. He thrived on the vibrant nerve center of all this talent and fame concentrated into a 10 mile square area of Marin County which was considered the Hippie Nirvana in it’s day. Ebright’s agency (“ESP”) also managed and promoted other bands until the early 1980’s (see Company History). The final chapter of Scott’s drumming career led him to being a studio drummer from 1982 -1984.

Scott Ebright, has performed in the company of all the celebrities shown below. These shows included performing for Geena Davis’ wedding reception, the annual Hyatt Celebrity Tennis Tournaments (Lake Tahoe), Lyle Waggoner’s 25th Wedding Anniversary Party (Sherman Oaks), and New Year’s Eve Shows at casinos and The Del Monte Lodge (Pebble Beach, CA).

Movie Stars connected with Scott Ebright's career


ScottSmileTuxFlip Very SmallScott dedicated a certain amount of time pursuing his acting interests throughout his career whenever time permitted. His first major role in a stage musical was performing the lead role in “South Pacific” as the Frenchman, Emile’ deBecque’. That led to being asked to perform in a summer stock Shakesperian styled play of, “Everyman” when he was 18 years old. After moving to the West Coast in early 1971, he landed small bit parts in films like “Dirty Harry” (Clint Eastwood), “The Organization” (Sidney Poitier) and “American Graffiti” (Harrison Ford, Ronnie Howard, Richard Dreyfus, directed by George Lucas). He studied film-making at the College of Marin during this same time period when the actor and comedian Robin Williams attended classes. He filmed national TV and radio commercials, and was hired as a live announcer or MC for public and private corporate events. During the last half of the 1970’s, Scott focused more on promotions with “ESP” – his own talent agency. This agency specialized in producing and managing unique show bands to perform the first music tributes in the world to Elvis, The Beatles, and The Beach Boys.

BELOW: Interview of Scott Ebright that originally appeared on LIVE TV, WUCM -TV.

Haunted House Book: "The Soul Beyond Darkness"

Book: “The Soul Beyond Darkness”


“Five Star Rating!” (Amazon.com & Barnes & Noble )

Scott Ebright’s published book, The Soul Beyond  Darkness is based on a true mystery in a haunted house experience from the 1970’s. The first printing is sold out, both paperbacks and Hard Covers according to Barnes & Noble and Amazon.  Some distributors on the internet may still have books for sale. The next printing is scheduled for early 2013.

NOTE: Prior to a re-printing, this book will get a new cover change and possibly new title. (Much feedback we received from readers pertains to book stores that are confused about where to categorize a haunted house story: “New Age” or  of “Fiction”!  A new title could alleviate that quandary.

BELOW: Video of opening title credits for the Movie “Soul Searching” – adaptation from “The Soul Beyond Darkness”.

Corporate Consulting and Team Building

Actor Scott Ebright as Homicide Detective "Lt. Schlitt"During the computer revolution of the 1980’s through the early 1990’s, Ebright expanded his career fields into associations with major corporations. He was hired as an authority by the State of California to present seminars for displaced business executives and he wrote hundreds of resume’s and business proposals for clients. Eventually, a marriage between corporate consulting led to corporate team building and event production. As a Murder Mystery Producer, Ebright concentrated primarily on Murder Mystery Dinner Parties and mystery shows. His business demanded that he devote full-time towards the goal of offering mystery dinner shows of the highest caliber acting and plays possible.


Organizations and Titles Held

1969 – 2007
Owner/President of the following agencies: MurderProductions.com, Ebright Entertainment Enterprises (E3), Entertainment Services and Promotions (ESP), AudioSynTrac Corporation (AST) (Phoenix), Jesse King Enterprises (Florida)
Performed contract work as full-time contractor/employee for ICA Talent (Hollywood), Hilton Pointe Resorts (AZ), Hilton Resort (CA), Hungry Tiger Restaurants (CA), Charlie Brown Restaurants (CA), Triunity Corporation (CA), Bernard Haldane & Associates, (CA), Resume Specialists (CA).

1990 – 2013
Owner, Producer, Director, Actor for Corporate Team Building and Murder Mystery Dinners.

1990 – 1991
Marketing Director – Hilton Hotel, Sacramento (start-up for Pink Cadillac nightclub).

1985 -1987
Marketing Director and Start-up consultant for The Classic Jukebox, Roseville, CA.

1983 – 1985
Vice-President and Career Consultant – Bernard Haldane & Associates, Sacramento, CA

1983 – 1985
Start-up Consultant and Marketing/Entertainment Director – Hungry Tiger Restaurants,
Phoenix & Tempe, AZ; Santa Anna, CA, Sacramento, CA, San Francisco Bay Area

1983 – 1985
Vice-Pres/PR director/Founder – Phoenix International Film Festival, AZ

1983 – 1983
Instructor, Scottsdale Community College, Scottsdale, AZ
Course name: “Entertainment Marketing”

1982 – 1984
Studio Drummer for Desert Sound Studios, Phoenix, AZ (Sandy Lamont, owner)

1979 – 1980
State Director, California Orchestra Leader’s Association (“COLA”) Palo Alto, CA. Legal association that musicians challenged and won their “right to work” laws in defiance of the American Federation of Musicians.

1977 – 1978
Artist Manager, PR Agent/ICA TALENT, Los Angeles, CA. Hired by Chet Actis to help manage and promote two WORLD CLASS acts: ALAN: A Tribute to Elvis and  RAIN: A tribute to the Beatles. Dick Clark (American Bandstand) was associate producer.

1976 – 1977
President of Jesse King Enterprises, Inc., also managed band and performed as drummer. Winter Park, FL

1966 – 1980
Performed as a drummer and singer in several bands from Michigan, California and Arizona:
The Ides of March (Michigan), The Thompson Brothers (Marin Country, CA), Kid Kahoutek and the Shooting Stars (Marin County, CA), Cruisn’ (Alameda County, CA), Hang 10 and the Surfmen (San Francisco), Jesse King as Elvis (San Francisco), The Chris James Jazz Trio (Sonoma County, CA), and other bands comprised of various musicians from the Vanilla Fudge, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Tower of Power, and many more.

Awards                         See photos and write-ups of Awards

San Francisco Board of Review award. “HALL OF FAME AWARD” and “Best Murder Mystery Dinner Theater Show”. These Awards followed-up similar winnings from previous awards as described in paragraph below.

San Francisco Board of Review award. “Best Murder Mystery Dinner Theater Show”. Award based on several criteria: over-whelming positive public feedback in the entertainment industry and on the internet. Also based upon positive and successful business promotions and successes contributing to the San Francisco Bay Area economy. Other merits were also cited. Click on “AWARDS” section for more details.

Gold Record Award: Voted “Best for DJ Industry” – San Francisco. Bay Region.  Richie Faber – Director:, San Francisco –  San Rafael – Santa Rosa, CA

Voted “TOP ENTERTAINER OF THE YEAR” by the Hotel Management Association. Received a First-Place trophy award among a field of 250 competitors in the U.S.

Charlie Brown’s (formerly Hungry Tiger) Restaurants, Inc, Van Nuys, CA “Most Successful Entertainment Director and promoted to Start-Up Consultant.” (#1 out of 39 properties)

Honorary Award, Arizona Songwriters Assoc., Phoenix, AZ

1st PLACE TROPHY for “TOP Club Disc Jockey”, Hotel Association of America.

“BEST ACT” Award, Marin County, CA – Flag Day & Centennial Concert

BEST ENTERTAINER Award for Half-time show entertainment, San Francisco 49’ers, Candlestick Park, San Francisco

Winner of “Battle of the Bands”, with band, “The Ides of March”, Bay City, Michigan.