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All our Murder Mystery Actors work full-time in the Movie and TV industries. Ebright Entertainment Enterprises is the only Murder Mystery Company in the United States (or the world?) that can proudly make this claim.  Most typical mystery companies that sell tickets for public shows at restaurants and hotels use amateur actors or local community theater actors whom are hired in exchange for a free dinner, gas money, and maybe a small stipend of $30 to $75.

Besides our standard show packages that offer an all-professional cast of actors, we also offer COMBO PRODUCTION show packages where we can insert one or two volunteer actors from our clients’ guest list. For certain groups, this adds a fun option, plus it saves a few hundred dollars from the total cost of doing a show. See more details about our FULL PRODUCTIONS and COMBO PRODUCTIONS: Three Types of Plays. Call us on the phone so I can determine which package is best for your group!

Below are photos of some of our actors. Actors are cast for shows depending on their availability between shooting schedules of films, TV shows, or public appearances:

Our cast of veteran Movie and TV actors all earn their living from acting full-time or performing in a variety of entertainment formats. The actors in our shows continue to build their public dossier in order to stay in demand among movie casting agencies and producers. We are able to cross-train several actors for each role in our plays. This gives the actors freedom to go on location with film projects as they arise. Since we always have enough actors available to play any of our acting roles, the job of casting for murder mystery plays becomes a smoother process with no cause for panic or emergency replacements.
















Video links below of our actors performing in films, TV

Mackenzie Firgens



Mackenzie Firgens



Two more trailers from movies by Mackenzie Firgens:

Mackenzie Firgens Filmography  (33 credits):

 2016  My Movie Girl (Character: Vivian)
 2015  Unlucky Stars  (Character: Samantha)
2014  Preston Castle  (Character: Liz )
 2012  The Thompsons  ((Character: Darlene Hamilton / Thompson)
2012  Stitch in Time  (Character: Sunny)
2010  No Clean Break (TV Series)  (Character:  The Mysterious Brunette)
2010  My Name Is Khan (Character: Pimple Girl)
2010  The Violent Kind  (Character:  Trixie)
 2010  I  Gerald (Character:Helen)
2009  CSI: NY (TV Series) (Character: Nurse)
 2009  In Parallel (Short) (Character: Angela)
2008  Humanzee! (TV Series)  (Character: Penny – Pilot (2008) … Penny
 2008  PG Porn (TV Series short) (Character: Violet)
 2008 III  Break (Character: The Mysterious Brunette)
 2008  Alien Encounter (Character: Ashley)
2008  The Village Barbershop (Character: Amy)
2008  The Book of Caleb (Character: Cole)
 2007  The Unit (TV Series) (Character: Desperate Caller)- Side Angle Side (2007) … Desperate Caller
2007  Call My Name (Short) (Character: Constance Summer Holiday)
2007  The Pink Conspiracy (Character: Victoria)
2007  Revolution Summer (Character: Hope)
2007  Broken Arrows (Character: Abby)
2006  Carrier (Character: Suzie)
2006  The Hamiltons  (Character: Darlene Hamilton)
2006  Nail Polish (Character: Missy)
2006  Filter (Short) (Character:  Charlie Stokes)
2006  Sweet Insanity (Character: Christina)
2005  Rent (Character: April )
 2004  Life at Bay (Short) (Character: Jenna)
 2004  Quality of Life (Character: Lisa)
 2003  America’s Most Wanted: America Fights Back (TV Series documentary) (Character: Kiara – Dino and Troy Smith (2003) … Kiara)
2003  Cupids (Short) (Character: Susan)
2000  Groove (Character:Harmony)

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Anjulia (Julia) Heller



Julia Heller

Julia Heller Filmography  (13 credits):

 2016 Dead End 2 (Character:  Killer’s previous neighbor)
 2014 VII Dead End (Character:  Killer’s neighbor
 2013 Double Deception (Character:  Lynda)
 2011 20 Year Old Virgins (Character:   Natasha)
 2011 Contractor’s Routine (Character:  Maria)
 2011 The Twins (Short) (Character:   Dark Twin)
 2010 It Never Is (Short)  (Character:  Blonde)
 2010 Chasing Shadows  (Character:  Prostitute)
 2010 Selfish Games (Short) (Character:  Model)
 2010 Buster Jones: The Movie (Short) (Character: Aries)
 2010 Dark Desert Highway (Short) (Character:  Mysterious Woman)  
 2010 Babnik  (Character:  Model)
 2007 The Tracks (Short) (Character:  Candi)
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Kathy Holly


Kathy Holly


Stage Show In China (singing Chinese opera)


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Scott Ebright

Scott Ebright – ABC – TV Show, “Whodunnit”
Short  video clip showing brief part of Scott’s casting interview.
This final episode was seen by 4 million viewers.


Scott Ebright Radio Show Host –

 The 12:46 long video below is a Demo of Voice-Over Actor
Scott Ebright.  The radio show premieres recording artists
and their latest song releases.
The actual songs by the artists
have been edited down to only for a few seconds each since
the entire radio broadcast is 1 hour long.

To hear the entire 1 hour radio broadcast with FULL VERSIONS
of songs, click on: