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How can I get a $$ quote?
We have various price packages to fit your budget. Our rate for your event
is based on our cost of doing business, plus other factors below:

 1.  Day of the week and time of your event
 2.  City & location of event – accommodations
 3.  Number of actors we provide vs. your own
 4.  Ease of access to load-in equipment at venue
 5.  Set-up time limitations or restrictions
 6.  Number of guests – type of PA equipment needed
 7.  Lead time between booking date/performance date
 8.  Custom preparation time – meetings, event scripts
 9.  Upgrades of sound, light, or decorations
10. Duration Time “on the job” – Overtime needed?

Please CALL US
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Shop for a GOOD Murder Mystery Show

Avoid Hiring a Cheesy Murder Mystery Company!
As you begin your search to hire a good murder mystery show, keep in mind that ANYONE can claim they are qualified to perform murder mystery shows. There are NO entrance examinations nor licenses issued to become a Murder Mystery troupe of actors. The majority of Murder Mystery companies are more of the amateur type comprised of part-time hobbyists and wannabe actors whose performances are more like cheesy humor or silly skits. Surprisingly, only about one out of twenty murder mystery shows are higher quality according to national reviews and customer opinions posted on the internet. Refer to the page on this website titled How to Hire a Good Murder Mystery Company”.

Remember, when planning your event, you have ONLY ONE CHANCE to get it right.

When it comes to cost vs. quality for a Murder Mystery Play. . .