Corporate Mystery Dinners

   Corporate Murder Mystery Dinners and Team Building Events

 California’s BEST Murder Mystery Show Award – 4 Years in a Row!
Consistently Rated 5-Stars on YELP!   GoldStar5Small2

    1. All Shows are interactive and flexible
    2. G-rated, safe and Politically Correct
    3. Proven show for culturally diverse audiences
    4. Perfect balance of humor and forensics
    5. No knives, guns, fake blood or chases
    6. Use our actors or your own volunteers
    7. Mystery Shows for fun or team Building
    8. Refreshing mystery plots – No Cheesy Acting!!

Our brand of Corporate Murder Mystery Dinners are written and produced to appeal to all types of corporate audiences  and ethnic backgrounds. We are “tried and proven”, with thousands of shows performed. This means you eliminate the risk when hiring a more unusual type of entertainment like ours for your event. Our high volume of bookings with Silicon Valley Companies demands that we maintain a high standard  performance.  (See other pages on this website: Referrals, Press Articles and Clients to learn more about our reputation.)

All Mystery Theme Plays are “TURN-KEY”. . . Making Your Job Easier!

Once the event begins, we do all the work in executing all aspects of our production: 1) music, 2) sound system, 3) actors, and 4) Professional facilitator/MC. You’ll be in good hands with our productions since they are all turn-key and smooth flowing. This means that you and your staff can just sit back and enjoy the show!  A frequent compliment we hear from our clients goes something…. “For once I can sit back and enjoy an event just like all my guests!”  

We offer a flexible choice of either a FULL PRODUCTION or COMBO PRODUCTION type shows. This means you have an option to let some of your own “hams” (volunteer actors) join in the acting fun! 

Former Corporate Clients

Many of our corporate events include Fortune 500 companies; or they may be smaller companies with only 9 or 10 guests in attendance. The majority of our Murder Mystery shows range from 20 to 100 guests. However, we can perform for up to 200 guests as well! Our more Team Building oriented events can handle groups up to 50 participants. Talk to us on the phone to discuss your needs and you can hear how our show adapts to your specific logistics and goals. 

For a longer list of our former CLIENTS, click on the “CLIENTS” page located under the “ABOUT” tab button at on the top toolbar on this web page.

What About Customized Murder Mystery Scripts?

Our scripts are written to incorporate all the best elements of humor, intrigue, and believability. Many years of raw experience, trial and error, and extensive rehearsals and training go into our final scripts.

BEWARE: Some mystery companies try to win your favor by promising you a totally “Customized Script”. You might be tempted to take the bait, but use your common sense logic: will a customized script be better than a pre-written and well-rehearsed script!? 

“Practice makes perfect”  STILL the GOLDEN rule!

Ask any experienced actor about horror stories they’ve endured from first night “premieres” or a one-time performance. A play that has never been performed before a live audience is too risky. Fresh and new scripts always have mistakes and timing glitches that need time and rehearsal to smooth over the flaws and then modify. Over the years, our audience feedback helps us to improve our scripts. Broadway producers have enough smarts to avoid a one-performance, “custom” script, so…SHOULDN’T YOU?

Slight script modifications we can always do, but building a brand new script from blank pages all the way to a one-time only play performance requires weeks of writing, trial and error rehearsals, and expensive costs for time and labor.  We are able to incorporate some corporate branding and mentioning some current themes or projects your company is in the midst of. But if all the added branding and project names outweigh the impact of an entertaining script, we should avoid that dice game of risk. So the smart choice to going the direction of al custom script is an emphatic “NO”!  Plus, you will avoid the embarrassment in front of your colleagues if you opt for hiring a well-seasoned scripted show with our company.