Team Building

Team Building with Murder Mystery Dinner Theater Shows

Our events are very entertaining since the use of professional actors helps to spike up the energy of any Team Building event. We have learned that our brand of applied Team Building dynamics encourages individual skills to emerge in a group atmosphere where everyone feels equal, and simple tasks are organized, shared and implemented within a manageable time frame. Another bonus is that many employees rediscover their sense of humor that seems to have been forgotten on the long road of working on back-to-back projects with pressure deadlines. In short, we always wind up with Teams of smiling faces and lots of fun memories to reflect back on when they return to their regular work routines.

TeamBuildingLogoTeam Building has grown steadily, world-wide, since the late 1980’s and has been an important aspect of Corporate life ever since. Employees create various dynamics during work projects, simply by the way they communicate with each other, or give and take directions. Some of these results are positive. And yet others are negative and seek to undermine the team’s effectiveness and enthusiasm. Forward thinking managers embrace the concept that good old-fashioned camaraderie and teamwork are essential qualities that pay handsome dividends in the long run. A positive mindset, respect for management, and dedication to production goals are the Utopian ideals for most companies, and Team Building attributes can certainly play a role in all of these areas.

Do any of the following conditions apply to your staff?

    1. Have you recently formed a project and assigned new employees to a team?
    2. Are any of your current teams losing momentum and focus?
    3. Have you finished a recent, grueling project and need a “time-out” to regroup, charge your batteries and prepare for the new task?
    4. Has your team undergone any personnel changes?
    5. Has your team lost steam and direction?
    6. Are certain personalities and past job performances affecting the current working environment?
    7. Have you consolidated departments, transferred employees, or merged with another company?

If any of the above situations sound familiar to you, then you may be in a position to consider the advantages of a Team Building experience. Our company has provided a wide range of Team Building activities and events for Silicon Valley companies and international corporations.