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In stark contrast to the type and caliber of shows that we perform, you may be surprised to learn that about 95% of all murder mystery shows are just amateur and cheesy – judging from the low ratings given to our competitors. These competitors are usually teamed up with slick national marketing companies like GroupON , Living Social or The Dinner Detective. Internet Marketing companies such as these hide behind a generic website design, but they have little to do with the dramatic arts or producing mystery plays. They serve the role as “middle-man” and only book shows the highest-bidding restaurant! And show quality is not their concern – only PROFITS! Obviously their plays suffer and their volunteer actors are hurriedly shoved into a role they have very little familiarity with. WE ALWAYS REFUSE to fill any bookings by these companies because they are bottom feeders. with terrible reputations. Our actors do not perform for insulting low prices.

Many Customer Complaints!

frown Sm cartoonWe receive many complaint phone calls every week from frustrated people around the U.S. who see mystery shows sponsored by Group On, Living Social, or Dinner Detective ticket reservation websites. The callers resort to calling us because those other competitors don’t provide a contact phone number for customer service or complaints!  Unfortunately, we can’t help those victims of cheesy shows since those aforementioned companies are “Slick-Meisters” and invisible on the internet. They are not affiliated with us in any way. Group On is getting more clever, though: they used to always get low ratings of 1 or 2 stars on YELP, but now they fool internet shoppers by creating their own “FAKE FEEDBACK WEB PAGE” that always shows glowing 4 and 5 star reviews for Group On Mystery Dinners. SHAZAAM!!  But are you fooled that easily?  We would like to hope not! Do your own detective work and hunt around for ratings written by real YELP reviewers like yourself.

But don’t take our word for it……Read the complaint letters that are currently posted on YELP about our competitor companies:
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Bad Yelp 01-18-2015 Santa Clara

Bad Yelp 02-10-2014

Bad Yelp 11-12-2014 San Diego

Bad Yelp 11-15-2014 SJ

Bad Yelp 06-21-2014

Bad Yelp 08-10-2014

YELP Tiff Din Det Hyatt

YELP Tom Din Det.
YELP Yue Dinner Detec

YELP Susanne Din Det Oak

YELP Mike Din Det Hyatt
New York Group On Rating 1



YELP Bob Mar MysYELP Patrick Tony Tina

YELP Gabrielle Din DetYELP Crystal Din Det HyattYELP Ana Tony TinaYELP Amanda Mar MysYELP Helen Dinner Detec
 New York Group On Rating 2

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