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Radio Show Announcer and Host (2014)

The 12:46 long video below is a Demo of Voice-Over announcer Scott Ebright.  This demo has edited out most of the songs – only the Voice-Overs are featured. To hear the entire 1 hour radio broadcast with FULL, UNCUT VERSIONS of songs, click on:

To hear the above 1 hour radio broadcast with all the song recordings included in their FULL LENGTH versions, click on: and look for the MAY 2014 Show.

Press and PR:  Ebright Entertainment Enterprises

Book: "The Soul Beyond Darkness"

Book: “The Soul Beyond Darkness”

“Five Star Rating!” ( & Barnes & Noble )

Scott Ebright’s published book, The Soul Beyond  Darkness is based on a true mystery in a haunted house experience from the 1970’s. The first printing is sold out, both paperbacks and Hard Covers according to Barnes & Noble and Amazon.  Some distributors on the internet may still have books for sale. The publishing company has changed and the book is going through a re-write, and emphasis on internet “E Book” distribution.

NOTE: Prior to a re-printing, this book will get a new cover change and possibly new title. (Much feedback we received from readers pertains to book stores that are confused about where to categorize a haunted house story: “New Age” or  of “Fiction”!  A new title could alleviate that quandary.

BELOW: Video of opening title credits for the Movie “Soul Searching” – adaptation from “The Soul Beyond Darkness”.

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