Press about our Murder Mystery Dinner Shows 

BELOW:  OLD video samples from 10 years of Murder Mystery Dinner Shows. Many of the actors in these videos are no longer in our shows as we constantly upgrade with new talent! NOTE: To maintain lower overhead costs, we do not produce expensive videos.


BELOW: KSVY radio interview with Producer, Scott Ebright:


BELOW: Scott Ebright – ABC – TV Show, “Whodunnit” Short  video clip showing short scene of casting interview. This final episode was seen by 4 million viewers.

BELOW: CBS-TV, Channel 5, KPIX San Francisco:


Radio Show Announcer and Host (2014)

The 12:46 long video below is a Demo of Voice-Over announcer Scott Ebright.  This demo has edited out most of the songs – only the Voice-Overs are featured. To hear the entire 1 hour radio broadcast with FULL, UNCUT VERSIONS of songs, click on:

To hear the above 1 hour radio broadcast with all the song recordings included in their FULL LENGTH versions, click on: and look for the MAY 2014 Show.

Press and PR:  Ebright Entertainment Enterprises

Book: "The Soul Beyond Darkness"

Book: “The Soul Beyond Darkness”

“Five Star Rating!” ( & Barnes & Noble )

Scott Ebright’s published book, The Soul Beyond  Darkness is based on a true mystery in a haunted house experience from the 1970’s. The first printing is sold out, both paperbacks and Hard Covers according to Barnes & Noble and Amazon.  Some distributors on the internet may still have books for sale. The publishing company has changed and the book is going through a re-write, and emphasis on internet “E Book” distribution.

NOTE: Prior to a re-printing, this book will get a new cover change and possibly new title. (Much feedback we received from readers pertains to book stores that are confused about where to categorize a haunted house story: “New Age” or  of “Fiction”!  A new title could alleviate that quandary.

BELOW: Video of opening title credits for the Movie “Soul Searching” – adaptation from “The Soul Beyond Darkness”.