Upgrades for Murder Mystery Shows

Upgrades for Murder Mystery Shows increase the impact and effectiveness of your murder mystery play. Below are some features you might consider when planning your event:

Expanded Sound PA systems for up to 200 guests

Ambient Wall Backdrops, full color, 10 ft. square

Disc Jockey music before or after the play

Famous Celebrity Impersonators can play roles

Optional Scavenger Hunts (smaller audience sizes)

Big Screen TV Projection for CSI ambience

Add a BIG SCREEN TV projector to your Murder Mystery play. Join the popularity of “CSI” shows on Television and make your evidence come alive! This is a MUST for audience sizes over 150 guests. The Live Video Playback feature means you can have anyone with a digital video camera zoom in on the actors speaking their dialogue and everyone in the whole room will have a close-up view of the actors face and expressions. Audience members can be projected up on the big screen as well when they ask questions directed to the Detective or the suspects in the audience. And finally, a permanent DVD copy can be made of the whole event and edited down into “highlights”.

    1. Screen size can vary from 6 ft. – 25 ft. diagonal area
    2. Big Screen adds more reality to murder mystery
    3. Enlarge fingerprints, mug shots, and misc. evidence
    4. Big Screen Projection TV for CSI evidence & clues
    5. Project video clips and photographs onto big screen
    6. Live camera playback projects action on screen
    7. Intersperse employee photos with comical mug shots



Themed Backdrop Decorations

Use any of the backdrops shown below to decorate a wall at your mystery party and watch your guests react with a big “WOW” when they enter the room! These backdrops can transform an ordinary, plain banquet room into a rich ambience that is a perfect setting for your play. Since these are so reasonable to buy, we automatically refer you to the supplier company so you can pay for them yourself and arrange for your own labor to hang them. The bottom line is that you can use a very ordinary or plain banquet room (usually more economical than beautiful rooms with a view) and transform it into a semi-glamorous setting.






ABOVE: Ordinary walls can be magically transformed into a luxurious, warm, and elegant interior of a grand “Mansion”. The photo samples above are 10 feet by 10 feet. They are printed on a reinforced plastic sheeting that folds up to about the size of a kingsize bed sheet folded. They are plastic and about the thickness of plastic tablecoths you buy in a party supply store. Because they are lightweight, they can be taped up on walls or push pins can be used. Or, you can hang them on a 10 foot frame and put backlights behind them. We rent the 10 foot square pipe frames for a low cost – you supply your own labor to hang them up.


ABOVE: Our Hollywood-styled painted backdrops can be rented and mounted against any wall in your banquet room. Then, watch that “WOW” factor happen as your guests’ enter the room for the first time and how much more they will get into the mood! Size: 10′ high X 17′ long. Cloth backdrops are very lightweight and can either be pinned up with push pins, or mounted on our portable set-up frames (made from poles and bases). Using the separate frame prevents minor pin-hole damage to walls.

ABOVE: Candelabras create perfect ambience for a Murder Mystery Dinner setting. If your decorating budget is limited, consider supplying your own candelabras as centerpieces to add to a realistic mystery ambience. (NOTE: Some venues may restrict the use of lighting and burning candles. Battery operated candles can be bought on the “net”.)

Scavenger Hunts Can be Added to Your Murder Mystery Dinner Play

A scavenger hunt helps add fun and excitement during the Murder Mystery. The hunt encourages guest interaction and helps their personalities to warm-up. Your guests get in on the fun of being a “sleuth” and discovering their own clues. Each team will be issued Standard Police latex gloves, evidence bags and flashlights are provided for each team. Team sizes can go from 3 to 11 guests .

A scavenger hunt depends on the type of facility being used for the murder. Are you going to have your mystery party in a public venue or private location? If it is a public place – such as a hotel or banquet room – then will the general public be free to roam about the hotel property and in the vicinity of the Murder Mystery? IF so, beware that members of the public might find your clues or props and this could interfere with all your carefully planted evidence. For this reason, private homes or locations work better for scavenger hunts.

Hunting for clues can take place inside a mansion, or large banquet room. An outdoor scavenger hunt can also be fun – especially in residential areas. But bad weather may put a “damper” on this activity (except in Sunny California where it never rains during the summer months!)

BELOW: Sample clue that found at a mystery event in a mansion:

Plan your own scavenger hunt with printed sets of clues for each team, then provide the evidence and tools for each team to conduct their investigation. If you decide to do this yourself, we will gladly give you suggestions that will help the scavenger hunt be a success! This does take a lot of time and preparation, so plan on about 2 – 3 hours. Or, we can do all these details for you as an upgrade.

Disc Jockey Music – Background or Dancing
 (Dance Music Can Start Right After the Play)

DJ music for background or dance. SAVE 70% on hiring a DJ show direct from us! PA system is already set-up and ready for music!

  • Over 100,000 Songs – All Eras and Styles, any age group
  • Award winning DJ for Resorts, Hotels and parties
  • 100% Digital Sound – Fully computerized, compact set-up
  • Recommended by 5-Star Resorts, Hotels and Talent Agencies
  • Critically acclaimed by the news media and satisfied clients
  • Winner of several entertainer “Talent” Awards during career
  • Extensive KARAOKE music library 10,000 songs to choose

Expanded PA System will cover the dinner audience more thoroughly

As described in our “Party Tips” page, It is important to preserve the volume of the actors’ dialogue so that all guests can comfortably hear everything without blasting too loudly on one end of the room or having too much echoing noise on the opposite end of the room. If speakers surround the entire audience, then the overall volume can be lower and everyone has a ‘front row seat’ in terms of sound quality.