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NOTE: 6 years ago, YELP deleted 45 of our YELP reviews by mistake when they corrected a typo error on the above review page. It was their error, but they still refused to restore all the reviews, saying it was “company policy”. 



  • About 95% of all murder mystery shows are amateur and cheesy. Don’t go for the slick internet marketing companies that advertise a great dinner and show
  • Beware of: GroupON,  Living Social, and The Dinner Detective.
    These companies have little or NO PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE in producing successful murder mystery plays. They only act as the “middle-man” or  ticket agent to sell blocks of tickets to the highest-bid restaurants.
  • These mystery dinner plays always use amateur and minimum pay type of  volunteer actors.

Many Customer Complaints!

frown Sm cartoonWe receive many complaint phone calls every week from frustrated people around the U.S. who have complaints about mystery dinner shows they paid money to with companies like Group On, Living Social, or Dinner Detective ticket reservation websites. As their last resort, they call us because most of those listed marketing  companies don’t even provide a contact phone number for customer service or complaints!  Unfortunately, we have to educate these folks that they have been the victims of marketing scams and cheesy shows presented by those “Slick-Meisters”. PLEASE BE ASSURED…They are not affiliated with us in any way.

A tsunami of bad reviews has not stopped these marketing companies

All these companies have mastered ways to fool YELP. Tired of seeing only 1 or 2 stars on YELP for their dinner show ratings, they now everyone by creating their own “FAKE FEEDBACK WEB PAGE” that always shows glowing 4 and 5 star reviews for Group On Mystery Dinners. SHAZAAM!!  But their shows and talent and food have not improved one iota. We have had a couple of experiences in the past 3 months where a fake YELP review was written about OUR COMPANY! But the fake reviewer is very obvious in his or her con game against YELP. They made the mistake of saying that they saw our show at a restaurant – which is impossible since we don’t sell tickets to restaurant shows! But, even with the lie exposed, YELP won’t delete this bogus posting. Do your own detective work and read any bad review against our company with a very discerning eye and determine for yourself if you are witnessing a liar and a cheater just trying to thwart any competition.

But don’t take our word for it……read their reviews for yourself!
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